Service Model

Strategic and operational support

Real Regulatory has made its reputation by delivering a consistently high quality of customer service. Even though many of our customers have been with us for years we never take their loyalty for granted. Our service model is based on sound regulatory strategy combined with meticulous project management. For some companies, regulatory strategy comes as extra but at Real it’s central to everything we do.

real regulatory strategic and operational support chart

Team approach

We take a team approach to supporting our customers which means that each project is owned and managed by a team, not a single individual. This helps to ensure continuity and reduces the likelihood of delays due to sickness or leave of absence.

QMS & Process Mapping

Our certified advanced Quality Management System and Process Mapping skills ensure that all decisions and required actions on your project are carefully recorded, providing complete visibility of progress towards regulatory approval.

How can we help?

We take all enquiries very seriously, including those from people simply asking for advice. On every page you will find a contact form. If you send a message from a particular page, it will go directly to a specialist in that field so you won’t need to go around the houses to get the information you need. We will come back to you with a considered response as soon as we are able.

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